2017 Let’s Journey Through God’s Word Together

For many years of my life, I became acquainted with stories from the Bible. I heard them as a child. I read them as a young boy. I studied them as a young man and into adulthood. Somehow, however, I failed to grasp the BIG story … in other words, what is the story of the Bible? What is God doing from beginning to end? How do all these individual stories fit together?

During 2017 our spiritual family will make a journey together through God’s Word. We’re going to use a resource called FOUNDATIONS – a 260-Day Bible Reading Plan for Busy Believers. This journal (or app) focuses on 260 foundational passages (5 days / week) from God’s Word. Typically, we’ll be reading a couple of chapters each day. The passages are in chronological order.

For smartphone or tablet users, there is a FREE app. Search for Replicate on Google Play or Apple iTunes. In addition, for paper and pen lovers, there are journals available in three formats – Elementary, Student, and Adult. Journals are available at Crossroads for $15 each.

Foundations will be an excellent tool for families to read God’s Word together. Each of the journals have been put together in an age-appropriate way. (I really like both the kids and youth editions!) There are also suggested verses to memorize each week throughout the year. Hiding God’s Word in your heart is one of the greatest things you can in 2017.

The journey will begin in January. Download the app or pick up a journal – or both!

I’m looking forward to the journey through God’s Word with you.


Pastor Rich