God’s Littlest Angels


About God’s Littlest Angels:

God’s Littlest Angels (GLA) is an orphanage and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit near Fort Jacques serving the infants and children of Haiti.  The majority of children brought to the orphanage are between the ages of newborn and eight years old.  GLA also offers short term assistance to children needing a place to stay due to ill health or death of a parent but who are not up for adoption.  These children will return to their biological families once their circumstances improve.  Some children who cannot return to their biological families are waiting for adoptive parents.  GLA has also implemented a school sponsorship program for children in the community unable to attend school due to the lack of funds.  There are 4 million children in Haiti under the age of 18 and only 1 in 3 children attend school in Haiti, as there is no public school system.  The cost of sending one child to a private school in Haiti is upwards of $700 in a country where the average income is only a few hundred dollars per year.  Sponsors from the US, Canada & Europe provide donations to help sponsor these children to enable them to go to school.  For more information or to donate to GLA, go to www.glahaiti.org

Founders of GLA, John & Dixie Bickel, formerly of Lodge, IL

John & Dixie Bickel (from Lodge, IL) along with their 3 children founded God’s Littlest Angels (GLA) in Haiti in 1994 when Dixie took in a 1 lb. 15 oz. baby on Christmas Day.  What started out as a malnutrition center for a few babies is now an orphanage housing over 40 children with a fully functioning NICU and a school for the older children.  John is the Plant Operations Director for the mission and responsible for all building projects supervision.  Dixie is a registered nurse with over 40 years of experience in pediatrics and intensive care nursing.  She serves as the Executive Director responsible for working with the Haitian government as well as the daily running of GLA.  The Bickel’s have five adult children, seven grandchildren, and two great granddaughters. 

Tim and Melissa Parker, from Monticello, serving in Haiti at GLA

Tim and Melissa Parker (from Monticello), both graduates of Monticello High School and members of Crossroads Church, have been volunteering at God’s Littlest Angels  (GLA) since 2010.  After falling in love with Haiti and GLA, Tim joined the GLA staff full time in October 2012 as the Maintenance Director in charge of vehicle maintenance, construction, and building maintenance.  Melissa joined GLA full time in January 2013 as the Volunteer and Guest House Coordinator hosting families and teams on a weekly basis.  Both Tim and Melissa facilitate transportation and daily activities for the teams and volunteers that serve at GLA.  The Parkers have 3 children. Their daughter, Chelsie, works in the Colorado Office as a Sponsorship Coordinator for GLA.  Their oldest son, Tyler, lives in Iowa with his wife Rachel, along with their 2 young sons.  The Parker’s youngest son, Jamesly, lives with Tim & Melissa in Haiti. Melissa Parker will be returning to Monticello for the Monticellobration on Saturday, September 29th and will have a booth on the square selling Haitian goods to support the mission.  Stop by her both to learn more about how you can support the Parker’s Mission and God’s Littlest Angels (GLA).  To find out more information about the Parker’s ministry to Haiti or to donate to the Parker Mission, email Melissa at parker71haiti@gmail.com or go to https://www.glahaiti.org/donate/ and check the “Missionary Support” box and select Tim and Melissa Parker in the drop down menu. 

Back Row:  Isiah Florey, Luke Bodine, Rich Osborne, Jeannine Primmer, Russ Chalfant, Scott Burnsmier

Front Row:  Rachel Parker (from Iowa), Thomas Osborne, Tracy Bodine, Kaitlyn Chalfant, Brooklyn Helmuth, Danielle Chalfant, & Jenna Straub

Crossroads Team Goes to Haiti

A 12 member team from Crossroads Church of Monticello recently returned from a week-long trip to serve at God’s Littlest Angels (GLA) Haitian Baby Ministry near Fort Jacques, Haiti.  The Crossroads team focused on framing walls for the upper level of the guest house.  Upon its completion, future mission teams will be able to stay together at the guest house on site.  The Crossroads team also helped finish drywall, painted, moved construction lumber, and sorted and organized children’s clothing, shoes and medical supplies among many other various tasks.  Highlights of the week included having VBS with the school age children, playing with the babies, and being the first group to hold worship on the newly constructed balcony of the guest house which overlooks Port-au-Prince.