Crossroads Church of Monticello began with a group of families from the Monticello area, who were attending Grace Church in Mahomet, IL. After much prayer, the decision was made to start a new church in Monticello, similar in style to Grace. Mike Heiniger, who was on staff at Grace, was chosen to be the senior pastor.

Mike and his wife Cindy and their family made plans to move to Monticello, and the church held its first service at the Best Western in Monticello on Easter Sunday, 2004. Over the course of the next year, Crossroads grew and moved their services to the Monticello Middle School. In 2007, Crossroads built their current facility on the west side of town and expanded to two services. Pastor Mike served for eleven years, stepping down at the end of May, 2015.

Rich Ratts was chosen as the church’s new senior pastor. He and his wife Nancy and their family moved to Monticello in June of 2015.

In October 2015 Crossroads expanded to include Crossroads Bement. Randy Hinshaw provides leadership for the Bement campus.

A short history of the Crossroads Bement campus…
The Crossroads Church Bement campus was launched in the hearts and minds of the elders of Crossroads Church many years ago. In June of 2015, Crossroads commissioned Pastor Randy Hinshaw to begin gather a launch team. Prayers were prayed, and plans were made, and in mid-October, the new church was off the ground.
The new congregation began and continues to grow with many young families and lots of children that attend weekly. There is a high-level of excitement and love at the Bement campus. 
The next steps for the Bement campus is to increase the number of those who Gather with them, Grow deeper in their relationships with God and each other through Life Groups, and to Go out further into the Bement community and world.
They really are a church for people who aren’t church people.