What are the prerequisites to being a member of the Crossroads Family?

1. Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 2. Follow the example of Jesus by participating in believer’s baptism. 3. Possess a willingness to commit to Gather, Grow, and Go as part of the Crossroads Family. 4. Be willing to be held accountable to the church family in matters concerning relationship to God and to others (helping people love God and love others through faith in Jesus Christ).
What is the process for becoming a member of the Crossroads Family? 1. Complete the intersections Membership Forum. 2. Agree/Commit to Gather, Grow, & Go with the Crossroads Family. 3. Meet with an Elder. 4. Approval/Confirmation by the Elder Team.
Why is church membership important? We believe membership is important in that it signifies an important commitment to a local fellowship of Christ-followers. God’s plan to spreading the good news of the gospel to the ends of the earth is His church. So, in order to fulfill our God-given purpose, it is essential to be part of God’s Family, the church.
Can I be part of the church without being a member?
Of course! However, membership shows a level of commitment beyond that of someone who simply “attends” services or events sponsored by the church. It helps the pastors, elders, and leadership teams identify the people that can be counted on and trusted to lead and care for others. It provides an important sense of accountability for all of us as we seek to ‘help people love God and love others through faith in Jesus Christ.’