Our Pastor Search Committee and elder team are happy to introduce our Lead Pastor candidate, Brian Raynard.
A reminder that Brian will be speaking at Crossroads on Sunday, August 30th (time TBD). Immediately following the service, we will have a congregational meeting for members to vote on Brian for lead pastor.
If you would like to hear Brian before the 30th, please follow the link to find some of his sermons from his current church (there are multiple speakers, so you may have to hunt a little to find his sermons. Check out the “Distracted” series that he taught): https://harrisonvillecommunity.church/media
Brian’s Bio.

I’m Brian Raynard.  My wife (Dana) and I were raised in Harrisonville, Missouri. We met in high school during a competitive speech class. Dana was raised in a Christian family and I was not. I had never attended church and had never read any part of the Bible growing up. After a little bit Dana and I began to develop a relationship. I asked her to prom during my Junior year and she accepted. In order for Dana to go to prom with me she had to invite me to church. I went to earn “brownie points”. On the third Sunday I was introduced to the love and forgiveness of God found in Jesus. That was April 8, 2001.


Dana and I also attended the same college. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go, but Dana knew she was going to Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri. I decided to join her. Technically, she joined me because I am a year older than she is. I started as an education major but recognized quickly that was not my path. I majored in Criminal Justice while Dana majored in Athletic Training before completing her Doctor of Physical Therapy. As Dana finished graduate school, I worked in law enforcement.


During my time in law enforcement God called me into ministry. I remember telling Dana about feeling this calling and she told me she had already known for months. God usually tells her first. I fought this calling for almost two years. I didn’t feel adequate. I didn’t feel like I was smart enough. I really struggled. It was during this season of my life that Acts 4:13 became the theme verse for ministry. Acts 4:13 says, “Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus.” In 2010 I resigned from law enforcement and have been in student ministry since then.


Over the last 10 years God has blessed us with some amazing students, amazing families, and amazing churches. God also has given us three sons: Conlin (8), Easton (6) and Finnegan (4). These three boys make our house loud and crazy, but full of love. During these last 10 years Dana has worked full time, started her own business, was the local Rotary club president, ran her own physical therapy office, raised three boys, and walked side by side with me in ministry.


About two years ago I knew that my calling from God was changing. I knew that my time in student ministry was coming to an end and that I was supposed to move towards lead pastoring. Once again, I told Dana and once again, she informed me that she had known for months. God usually tells her first.


In 2010 Dana and I sat at our kitchen table at our home in Bolivar, Missouri. I had finally submitted to God’s calling to ministry. Dana and I agreed then that we would do our best to always go where God told us to go and to do what God told us to do. We are so excited to continue to follow God on this amazing journey of ministry.